Download Cell to Singularity MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 12.49

Download Cell to Singularity MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 12.49
Name Cell to Singularity
Publisher ComputerLunch
Latest Version 12.49
Genre Simulation
Size 130 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Free Shopping
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Cell to Singularity MOD APK (Free Shopping) certainly won’t lose any history lessons in books. Because it brings players to participate in the process of evolution and development on Earth, when no life began. Players will learn about their own roots and explore the development of the Earth from ancient times to the present. The game even helps you improve your knowledge.

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Download Cell to Singularity Mod – Experience the same evolution

Cell to Singularity is published by ComputerLunch and belongs to the simulation game genre. Although it was released more than a year ago, the game still received a lot of love. Over 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of ratings are a true proof of the hotness that the game brings. So what are the outstanding features of the Cell to Singularity game?

About gameplay

Cell to Singularity was built and developed by the manufacturer ComputerLunch in a simulated fashion. It is not only entertaining but also highly educational. In the game, players will enter the journey to collect cell molecules. The purpose is to upgrade and evolve monad cells from simple to complex. Players just need to click on the screen, you have completed the step of collecting cell molecules. The number of cell molecules you collect will be equal to the number of times you touch. Therefore, you can tap up to ten times to collect ten molecules at a time. Use all your fingers to collect more elements.

Development Process

The development process in Cell to Singularity will be built and summarized in the form of an Evolution Tree. Players will recognize the growth of the earth or the formation of cells through this type of tree.

Cellto Singularity mod

The evolutionary tree started with the first cells, then they progressed through meiosis and produced animals. Then came the appearance of humanity. From here, a new era – a civilized period of humanity was formed.

Animal Evolution

Animals will have different stages of evolution. Starting from the appearance of Amino Acids. This is followed by the appearance of genetic codes, eukaryotic or eukaryotic cells. Finally, the emergence of mammals and humans.

Stages of organism formation

The development of organisms at different times is reproduced differently. At each stage, that development makes a difference. For example, humans evolved from the Stone Age to the present day. Each period offers a comprehensive and true view. Thereby, players will have a more specific view of how the organism’s evolution takes place.

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Creating civilization

Civilization has been formed and developed since the appearance of man. Players will also have to collect cells and collect civilization points. Just click on the phone screen, you can already collect civilization points for yourself.

Appearance of special animals

Since humans did not appear, dinosaurs have ruled the Earth. However, they became extinct after a meteor disaster occurred. The Cell to Singularity game will take you back to the Mesizoic valley in the past. Players can witness a place that once existed many different species of dinosaurs.

3D Graphics

The game is built and developed on attractive 3D graphics. Although not too fussy about the image, the game still makes many gamers surprised in each scene. At the same time, in each different space and location, players are admired by unique shapes and colors.

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MOD version of Cell to Singularity APK

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Cell to Singularity is a fun and engaging historical simulation game on your phone. The game is not only entertaining but also highly educational. Players can use them to relieve stress and fatigue, can also use them for the purpose of fostering their knowledge. Cell to Singularity possesses a lot of interesting features, even at school age students can participate in this game. So why don’t you download the Cell to Singularity MOD APK hack to your device, you will witness the formation and development of the earth billions of years ago to the present.


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