Download CASE: Animatronics MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.56

Download CASE: Animatronics MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.56
Name CASE: Animatronics
Publisher OOO VALNAT
Latest Version 1.56
Genre Horror
Size 120 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Free shopping
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Working late into the night is a bad habit, even though it proves you are a hardworking and responsible person at work. However, this will be the reason why you are in a dangerous and scary situation in the game CASE: Animatronics MOD APK. This is the perfect mobile version of one of the best horror games of all time. Let’s find out the highlights of CASE: Animatronics in the article below!

downloadCASE Animatronics mod

Download CASE: Animatronics Mod – Experience a terrifying night at the police station

CASE: Animatronics is a first-person horror game that is creepy and dramatic. Control of the police department is in the hands of a mysterious hacker. All exits in the headquarters were locked, the power lines were down and could not be restored. This game will definitely be extremely dramatic, making you unable to leave the screen and always in a state of suspense and tension.

What makes CASE: Animatronics game stand out?


In the game CASE: Animatronics, players will be playing the role of Inspector John Bishop. He is a police inspector known for his hard work, keeping his head busy with paperwork until late at night. One day, he fell asleep at his desk and had a very strange dream. Then he was woken up by a call from an “old friend”. All the terrible troubles in the police department began to happen to John from here.

CASE Animatronics mod

After turning off the phone, the entire police department he was working for was cut off. The security system was turned off and the doors were suddenly locked. These are only half of the fear. Players will realize that they are being followed by a strange creature. It has red eyes that glow in the dark. To be able to survive in this situation, you need to find out what is going on here and find a way out. Remember that no one outside will be able to hear your cry for help.

Move to survive

When falling into this situation, what will the player have to do?The first thing you have to do is regain your composure. Fortunately, your pocket still has a flashlight to patrol. That is the only light source that you can use in this game. The map of the police station hanging on the wall in the first room is probably the first thing you need to look for. Keep this map in mind to avoid getting lost. You need to combine the facts provided by the game system to escape from this building. Just a small mistake happens, maybe you have to pay with your life. In CASE: Animatronics you should not trust your eyes, but use all your senses to observe and monitor everything around, especially the sounds.

hack CASE Animatronics

Strange robots that want to kill you

  • The Wolf: It’s a bloodthirsty robot wolf. You can see it in areas like C2 and A3. Just hear a noise or move too close to it, this wolf will sniff out and chase you. There is no single perfect strategy to deal with this speculum. You should climb on the clown table or close the door to buy more time. If it’s lucky, it will go away on its own.
  • The Bear: This is a panda robot with glowing red eyes. It’s not clear what it did before coming here, but you can clearly see it has a bloody tooth similar to a wolf.
  • The Cat: It looks quite like a cat, but the details on its body are broken. This robot has the ability to silence the surrounding sound every time it moves. It will attack you every time you pass through the vent. For that reason, you need to avoid areas with vents.
  • The Owl: It is a large owl robot whose head is larger than its body. The rest, The Owl is not much different from the previous robots.

Graphics and sound

The sound in the game is extremely well combined. The footsteps of strange creatures, the tinkling of metal, the sound of the wind blowing from nowhere, etc. All create an unforgettable creepy scene for the player.

mod CASE Animatronics

MOD version of CASE: Animatronics APK

  • Free shopping

CASE: Animatronics MOD APK is a very perfect game that makes players feel stressed and heartbroken the whole time playing. If you are a follower of the horror detective game series, do not miss this attractive game.


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