Download Thiên Tài Kinh Doanh Hack MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.6

Download Thiên Tài Kinh Doanh Hack MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.6
Name Thiên Tài Kinh Doanh
Publisher TTHOAGames
Latest Version 2.6
Genre Role Playing
Size 287 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Thiên Tài Kinh Doanh Hack full of diamonds impresses the players with the true “luxury – genuine – smooth” character system. In the business world, who are the generals, the secretaries, the strategic partners, the trillion-dollar projects, which are the market takeovers, the market turbulence, etc. All are present in the management simulation game.famous reason released by TTH Games. As a young entrepreneur, you need to use your ability and bravery to become a rich and famous global billionaire. Start with Business Genius MOD APK to shorten the road to success.

Download Business Genius Mod – Business Management

For those who are passionate about business and want to get rich, games like Business Genius are the first choice. The game is not only entertaining but also gives a lot of useful knowledge related to business. Not only that, the game also creates very realistic situations. Working in a professional environment, encroaching on all fields. Along with that is the life of a general with the surrounding office pink shadows. Surely, the simulation game of TTH Games will not disappoint you. Central game with a cast of marshals, beauties, exploiting this market theme is compatible with many devices. After downloading, you can experience it easily without any problems.

Simulation gameplay

In Business Genius, you play as a young master who inherits the family business. Initially, this inheritance of yours is just a small-scale company. Later, this place will become an “empire”, topping all fields and business lines. From real estate to tourism, entertainment, agriculture,… All are in the business segment run by one hand. Things will be difficult at first, with many challenges with small contracts, strict conditions. By your own power, you will solve everything smoothly. Business troubles and crises are also handled intelligently and reasonably. Along with that is the formulation of development strategies, recruitment plans, salaries, bonuses, remuneration, …. Around the task of work, the game also exploits interesting elements related to emotions., Relationships.

As a master of “ten thousand people”, the pink balls are always around you. Those are hot secretaries with good working skills. Along with that are social relationships, work, partners. In addition, the most luxurious and classy personal life is also subtly and truthfully exploited in Business Genius.

Impressive graphics

Looking at the images in Business Genius, you will see that they are like love stories. The characters are all “beautiful men and women”, marshals, and beauties appear “abundant” in the game. Each person has a story, their own role in the game. In addition, the background elements as well as the sound are made very carefully, creating a realistic and vivid feeling during the experience. Players feel like they are entering a private world in the game, where you can freely show your business talent!

MOD Version of Business Genius APK

  • Unlimited money

The game has simple gameplay with unique tasks, challenging players in business capacity and business management. Not only that, you are also “supplemented” with the beautiful boys and girls in the game. Download Thiên Tài Kinh Doanh mod full to your computer to try your hand at the role of a rich tycoon right now!


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