Download Buddy Toss MOD (Unlimited Stars) + APK v1.4.6

Download Buddy Toss MOD (Unlimited Stars) + APK v1.4.6
Name Buddy Toss
Latest Version 1.4.6
Genre Action
Size 56M
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Infinite stars
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If you are passionate about space travel, the Buddy Toss MOD APK (Infinite Stars) game will be very good. With the use of physical principles in the game, Buddy Toss captivated players and made them unable to take their eyes off. The graphics in the game are also highly appreciated and realistic. What are you waiting for without learning about this fascinating game

Download Buddy Toss mod – Super cool space travel game

Currently, the space travel Buddy Toss game has been released and is occupying a high position on the game chart. The game is developed by game studio CurryGames. They apply many of the same physical rules as Angry Birds, so gamers are very excited. With many unique levels, the game will take you to many different locations. After overcoming the challenge, you will increase your skills and know how to better judge the falling point. The game’s features are quite new and will bring a humorous atmosphere for you. The game screens are designed quite funny and unique. This promises to be a top-notch entertainment game in the near future.

Buddy Toss MOD

Special gameplay

Buddy Toss has a fairly simple playing style. You just need to touch the screen at the right time. With first touch, the character will be knocked up thanks to a dog below. When you are just about to hit the ground, you have to control the other dog to continue sending the character up into the air. Repeat continuously to help the character can fly higher and further. From there, you also get yourself more bonus points. It may seem boring at first, but the more you play, the more addicted you will become. They are very suitable for those who are stressed and want to find a fun game for entertainment. Players will not know when the character will fall and must track the touch point accurately. They are quite similar to the gameplay in Flappy Bird.

Flying into space

Buddy Toss has defeated all laws of physics because everything happens in space. One flight can be up to hundreds of meters. When you go out into space, the theorems of gravitation disappear, you can explore the galaxy, planets and even the sun. All are in the game Buddy Toss. It’s interesting isn’t it. However, just one touch at the wrong time, everything will drop straight to the ground.

Upgrade the character in the game

You can only upgrade your character to make it fly the highest in every throw. When completing the levels, the game will give you a number of stars based on the height you reach. From these stars, you will enter the shop and upgrade your character. In addition, players can also buy more costumes and accessories such as clothes, hats, glasses, … These are all simulated suits of famous characters such as Batman, Spiderman, …

BuddyToss MOD APK

Evaluation of the game’s graphics

Buddy Toss is designed in a cartoon style with funny shapes and colors. You will be extremely excited every time you fly outside the earth. You can see asteroids, the sun and even black holes. They will make you laugh because of their funny, cuteness. However, if you fly too high, when you fall, you will be disappointed. The game’s graphics bring the most new and realistic experiences to players. You will be excited with smooth transitions and unique effects.

Buddy Toss MOD APK Version

  • Infinite stars

Overall, Buddy Toss MOD APK game has satisfied the requirements of a fun entertainment game. Simple game mechanics, unique images and new character creation will definitely attract gamers. Download the game to your computer and experience it.


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