Download Botworld Adventure MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.5.1

Download Botworld Adventure MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.5.1
Name Botworld Adventure
Publisher Featherweight
Latest Version 1.5.1
Genre Role Playing
Size 520 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Free Shopping
Get it On Google Play

Botworld Adventure is an interesting role-playing game that is highly appreciated for both content and images. In the game, you will be participating in thrilling battles between beast warriors. Gather and create a mighty army of beasts, adventure and discover interesting things in the magical virtual world. With the hack Botworld Adventure mod full money, you can freely shop, equip the army of animals thanks to special features.

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Download Botworld Adventure Mod – Lovely Beast Warriors

Featherweight’s Botworld Adventure is a unique role-playing game. In this game, you will be accompanied by lovely Bots. After collecting, train, train them to be the most powerful warriors. Together, storm all fronts, defeat the enemy to assert their skills and strength. As a typical Bot game, the game will let you fully show your combat skills. Pick out the Bots with impressive skills, arrange them in the appropriate positions. Use all your abilities to create a mighty Bot, defeat all opponents and discover interesting things in the Botworld.

Impressive background

The open world game Botworld Adventure builds the scene in a completely new, unique style. Join the game, you will play an animal character with special skills. You can choose familiar animals such as dogs, cats, buffalo or lizards. Initially, you will be accompanied by a small animal. This is a pet that previously lived with your parents. After many levels, the number of animals collected will increase a lot. They will join you to create an army of bots with impressive combat capabilities.

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With a diverse context, gamers can freely explore and conquer locations on the map. Scattered throughout the areas are cute animals, possessing their own unique skills. In the process, find many other rare materials. All will help you create a powerful army, working together against all attacks of other aggressive beasts. To win Bots, you need to defeat them. Therefore, learn carefully about the animals you want to conquer to have the most effective countermeasures.

Simple gameplay

If you have played other animal training games, you will find the gameplay of   Botworld Adventure very familiar. All missions revolve around the process of finding, taming, and training. Your target is the Bots living in   Botworld. After recruiting, training, create an army of Bots to fight with other Bots. Winning helps you get powerful Bots with higher fighting ability. Just like that, you will get a diverse Bot collection with many different species. Conquer every challenge to reach the final destination in this virtual world.

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Although Botworld Adventure is not a fierce and dramatic fighting game, it emphasizes tactical thinking. If you want to win, it’s not enough to have a strong animal. You need to know how to properly arrange the bots so that they can promote their strengths. You do not directly control the animal, but you can decide the outcome of the battle by setting up your troops, arranging your bot squad. In order for the Bot to become stronger, you need to use the materials as well as the accumulated points to upgrade. This is necessary for the beasts to increase their fighting ability. Collect all kinds of bots and upgrade them to reach their maximum limit.

War of the Beasts

In Botworld Adventure, you will be participating in 3v3 battles. The arena is designed in a circle with 6 warriors of two teams. Right at the start, all will rush into each other, using the most powerful moves to defeat the opponent. During the battle, you can clearly observe the happenings on the field. Pay special attention to the health column of your bot as well as the enemy to have a reasonable strategy. If you see that your team’s bot is slowly running out, use the rescue plan immediately. If all 3 bots are defeated, the opponent’s monster will jump out of the circle to attack you. Each bot has special fighting skills. The strongest is the kill move with huge damage. Combine the ultimate moves of the bots on the team to create a dangerous attack that makes the opponent unable to turn the situation.

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In fact, you yourself are also capable of fighting with 3 moves. These moves have the ability to deal massive damage. However, the drawback is the long cooldown. Therefore, if you want to use these techniques, you need to have a flexible strategy according to each situation.

Ultimate Goal

Even if you are a master in Botworld Adventure, you do not know where the end point of the game is. This is also understandable because the game does not create endpoints. You just need to try to complete your task well. The ultimate goal is to collect as many bots as possible. Create the strongest army of beasts with great bots. Not only that, you also have to constantly upgrade bots to make them more powerful. Just like that, you will discover and conquer many challenges and adventures throughout the land of Botworld.

MOD Version of Botworld Adventure APK

  • Free Shopping
  • MEGA Menu

In general, objectively, Botworld Adventure is a pretty good animal training role-playing game. Compared to Pokemon games, there are many points yet to come. However, there is still no denying the outstanding value that it brings to players. Download Botworld Adventure mod to explore the world of bots. Participate in thrilling Bot matches to confirm your coaching talent as well as your tactical ability.


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