Download Bomber Friends MOD + APK 4.43 (Unlocked Skins)

Download Bomber Friends MOD + APK 4.43 (Unlocked Skins)
Name Bomber Friends
Publisher Hyperkani
Latest Version 4.43
Genre Action
Size 113 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlock Skins
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Download Bomber Friends mod you will transform into a character whose task is to plant bombs to destroy enemies. The ultimate goal is to be the only survivor and win.

Download Bomber Friends mod – Place bombs, destroy enemies!

Bomber Friends is one of the exciting action games. In the game, you have to find a way to place bombs to trap enemies. Fierce competition and explosive bomb blasts are the attractions of this game.

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Bomb down the enemy

In Bomber Friends, alone you will have to face a lot of opponents. They are formidable opponents that you must defeat if you want to survive and become a winner. Although it is an action game, the game does not have many dramatic fights, only the bomb scenes are both thrilling but equally interesting. The player’s task is to find a way to place bombs in reasonable positions, difficult to detect opponents to destroy them. Bomber Friends makes you play the role of a bomber master, silently fighting, fighting quickly and winning quickly. By all means you must eliminate all enemies to protect your own safety.

Large combat space

Bomb-themed games in the past were often limited to a certain space, making players feel bored. Bomber Friends does not follow this path. When entering the game, you will experience many different spatial contexts, each place will be a new challenge. To be transported to another dimension, you must first complete the current quest to pass the level. Each level will be a different level, of course the challenge is also increasingly difficult. Each successful door is that you unlock a new location, gradually you will conquer more lands, expand the map for yourself.

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The gameplay is simple but requires many skills

Your Bomber Friends character cannot move on its own, but needs your support. The player controls the character forward or backward at will. On the journey, it will certainly not be possible to avoid obstacles that are rocks blocking the way. To be able to continue moving, it is imperative that you break these obstacles first. If it was just stones in the way, the task would be too simple. Along the way are countless threats lurking. Enemies are everywhere, they are crowded and very aggressive, if you are negligent you will definitely be in danger. Bomber Friends requires players to have flexible strategic thinking and solid skills. You must always focus on observing to detect the earliest enemy, calculate the appropriate locations to plant the bomb and quickly move away before the bomb explodes.

Diverse game modes, collect valuable items

Bomber Friends gives players 4 different modes for you to choose from. If it is Classic mode, this is the basic mode and also the easiest to play, participating in confrontation with other players. Adventure mode is a bit more difficult, now you have to go through more challenges to win. Multiplayer mode is a fighting mode with many players, in addition to eliminating opponents and winning, you must try to score as many points as possible to enter the leaderboard. Team battles is a team battle mode, you and other teammates will work together to eliminate the opposing team.

During the battle, do not forget to collect useful items. You can use them to power up and equip your character with more power. Items can also be used to unlock more challenging spaces, helping you level up faster. The number of items can also be used to buy more hats, clothes and accessories, making your character more outstanding.

MOD APK version of Bomber Friends

  • Unlock Skins

Bomber Friends is truly an impressive action game that you absolutely should not miss. Attractive gameplay, diverse challenges and many unique features, can definitely make you satisfied. Connect with friends to participate in bombing to destroy enemies in Bomber Friends mod to protect yourself and become the only winner.


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