Download Blade Bound MOD + APK 2.23.0 (Menu, One hit, No Skill CD)

Download Blade Bound MOD + APK 2.23.0 (Menu, One hit, No Skill CD)
Name Blade Bound
Publisher Artifex Mundi
Latest Version 2.23.0
Genre Role Playing
Size 80 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, Immortal, One hit
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Download Blade Bound MOD APK (Menu, Immortal) to transform into a hero, stand up against the forces of darkness and protect justice.

Download Blade Bound mod – Your mission to protect humanity

Blade Bound’s plot is quite good. When humanity was enveloped in darkness, the heroes were slain by traitors. You will transform into the characters, for the sake of destroying traitors and breaking the dark world. However, the forces of darkness have too strong an army, but with the help of the goddesses you fight the army of darkness bringing light and peace to mankind.

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Where you fight for justice

Your character needs to train to gain combat experience and participate in battles, killing enemies, crushing traitors who threaten the peace of mankind. Bringing peace, fighting for the right, and bringing humanity out of the doom is a noble task. You will constantly encounter obstacles and dangers on the righteous path.

The way to become a hero

At the beginning of the game, your character is a loser, but does not give up. With the help of the goddess, you continue to set out to participate in wars with increasing strength. You increase your character’s power by collecting and using support weapons. Your ability to kill enemies will be easier as the power is increased. You always encounter ferocious and large monsters. But with the power of the weapons that support you, you can defeat them all. Affirm the strength of the character, crush even the most difficult bosses. However, the deeper you go into the darkness, your ability to attack will be somewhat limited before countless dangerous monsters. Try to defeat them all to become a hero, bring freedom to mankind.

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Different experiences and challenges

Each place that your character goes through will bring different experiences and challenges. You need to move quickly, attack powerfully, and master skills to wipe out the enemy. Each different battle always helps your strength increase significantly. Join Blade Bound and fight hard to end the war. The larger the battle map, the more your power is shown. The battles you participate in all take place in different locations, giving you a vast world experience. Traverse dense forests, treacherous swamps and more.

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Effective weapon system, increasing combat ability

Characters always need to upgrade their weapons to increase their combat power and ability to fight. Use the player’s smart thinking to build the right equipment for every battle. Create maximum strength for the character, quickly destroy the enemy, overcome the threshold and destroy as many opponents you will receive more rewards. Proceed to unlock to receive new weapons, equipment to participate in all wars against the forces, bringing peace to humanity.

Blade Bound MOD APK Version

  • MOD Menu
  • Immortal
  • One Hit
  • No Skill CD

Blade Bound is really a game for players with a taste for the role-playing genre. Your talent and intelligence will be used to the fullest through fiery matches. With Blade Bound mod version, you and your friends will have great fun times together.


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