Download Animal Restaurant MOD (Free Reward) + APK 9.4

Download Animal Restaurant MOD (Free Reward) + APK 9.4
Name Animal Restaurant
Publisher DH-Publisher
Latest Version 9.4
Genre Simulation
Size 220 Mb
Requires Android 4.2 trở lên
MOD Free Rewards
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Animal Restaurant MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a simulation game with a humorous style. The characters in the game are designed according to the lovely cartoon genre. Besides, this is also a very unique restaurant management game. The game is completely different from previous simulation games,   Animal Restaurant promises to be one of the most experienced games.

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Download Animal Restaurant Mod – Attractive simulation game

Animal Restaurant was launched by DH Publisher – a famous game publisher. Combining cute images with novel gameplay, the game has won the hearts of the majority of gamers. The highlight here is that the game has brought players a new breeze. Help bring them moments of entertainment and relaxation.


The beginning of Animal Restaurant is a story about a wandering cat, who was rescued and adopted by a certain family. They were about to open a restaurant, so they decided to keep this poor cat. The goal is for the cat to become a restaurant employee. It is a lazy cat, does not want to work and is a very industrious eater. However, this lazy cat has a special ability. It always creates extremely funny situations to help the diners come here feel happy.


Animal Restaurant has a relatively simple restaurant management simulation gameplay. You just need to prepare a variety of food for the restaurant’s diners. At the beginning of this cooking game you only get some basic cooking utensils. However, when customers come here to buy goods and enjoy food. You complete a level will receive new kits and money from customers. The main currency used in this game is dried fish.

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After trading smoothly, you will earn a lot of profit (dried fish). You can use that money to develop your restaurant. You can open more dessert tables, bars, buy refrigerators,… Besides you need to buy some new items to help increase your rating. After having enough rating points, players are allowed to buy more advanced items. The dishes in the restaurant are inspired by the cultures of many different countries. The game Animal Restaurant in addition to the restaurant area also has other places to help players improve their rating. It is a buffet restaurant area or a beautiful flower garden. You can go to these areas to do quests and earn more evaluation points.

Animal Restaurant – funny restaurant

Animal Restaurant will give you the best restaurant business experience. For the staff, the poor stray cats are gathered here. They will perform the chores of serving and cleaning the shop. The main chef of the restaurant is a difficult person who does not smile often. However, here there are pets with many different species. All of them are extremely cute and always create funny situations.

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Coming to the restaurant are usually friendly and sociable guests, sometimes there will be some difficult diners. All of the above factors combine to make this restaurant fun with a variety of situations.

Animal Restaurant Graphics and Sound

Animal Restaurant  is a game with unfussy visual design, with warm brown tones. Simple cartoon 2D graphic design like in anime story books. But the game attracts participants by creating cute and funny shapes for animals. The interior of the restaurant and the cooking utensils are also quite eye-catching. Mix of modern and classic styles. Bringing players an extremely unique and attractive space experience. The game has a fun background music system to help players have a more enjoyable experience. However, there is an underappreciated point that the game does not have sound effects for each action of the character. So that sometimes players still feel a little bit boring.

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Language of the game

Animal Restaurant has a language system that has been Vietnameseized. Besides the humorous gameplay, the language is equally lively. Thanks to the translation team, the lines in the game have been translated into Vietnamese with funny words. And importantly, still ensure the true meaning of the original content. Most other foreign titles are not translated in detail. But Animal Restaurant gives players the most easy-to-understand dialogue.

MOD Version of Animal Restaurant APK

  • Free Reward
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Animal Restaurant  can be said to be a game that brings a great experience to gamers. The game especially attracts those who are passionate about games but also love animals, especially lovely cats. If you are looking for fun and funny moments of entertainment, the Animal Restaurant mod hack will be the perfect choice for you.


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