Download Alto’s Odyssey MOD APK 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money)

Download Alto’s Odyssey MOD APK 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money)
Name Alto’s Odyssey
Publisher Noodlecake
Latest Version 1.0.13
Genre Action
Size 79 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money
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Alto’s Odyssey takes you to discover new lands and immerse yourself in the majestic world. Just playing the game, all the stress of your day will be relieved quickly. Download Alto’s Odyssey mod to explore the world with everyone, compete to become a master.

Download Alto’s Odyssey MOD APK – Where all stress is released

Alto’s Odyssey takes players to endless scenes like nowhere else. A place to listen to your favorite music, soothe your soul through each tune. Endless running and combining adventure, find what you love with little joys. Players begin with an adventure trip in the vast desert, enjoying unexpected discoveries. You will overcome all obstacles and become a master on the long road ahead.

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With Alto’s Odyssey you will control your character with its own abilities and strengths, sliding up and down the endless sand dunes. The desert area you need to overcome has quite difficult terrain, there are quicksand sections, deep holes to overcome them, the only way is to fly. You do somersaults to increase bonus points, glide over long sand dunes to collect coins, cross obstacles and outrun enemies to collect bonuses. This is all you need to do in this incredibly beautiful Alto’s Odyssey game.

Use skills, overcome danger

During the journey through enemies and obstacles, players will encounter a lot of gold scattered on the road. They appear everywhere, and you should collect as many as possible. Along with that, Alto’s Odyssey will have many slopes and valleys for you to explore, even water-filled oases. Every time you meet and cross together, the character’s movement speed will increase faster, making you can be in danger at any time. Because sometimes obstacles are waiting, hiding under the slopes. You need to observe from afar, use skillful jumping and dodging skills.

Diverse ecosystem

The landscape in Alto’s Odyssey is displayed beautifully, allowing players to freely explore and experience the majestic natural scenes. From sandy beaches, high mountains or cities… you can admire when the character moves. The diversity of the ecosystem will open up unique mysteries that you cannot expect. However, the environment is a factor that directly affects your journey. Especially the game screen in the evening, will make it difficult for you to see the obstacles, see the wrong way and ignore the gold coins. In addition, tornadoes and sandstorms will always lurk and appear unexpectedly, making it very difficult for you to overcome. Not stopping there, sometimes there are fast currents that help you overcome the terrain very quickly, but make it difficult to control the speed.

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Talented companion

Alto’s Odyssey has up to 6 character designs to accompany the player, all equipped with their own strengths and skills. Starting the journey, you will control Alto.

  • Alto – a young man whose face is unknown because he can only see shadows. During the journey, you need to collect a lot of gold coins on the way to unlock new characters:
  • Maya – a tenacious girl with an upside down skill in the air that helps overcome all obstacles. However, she has a weak point of not being able to adjust the speed when sandboarding.
  • Paz – big, strong with the ability to kick through rocks, but has the limitation of slow sliding speed.
  • Izel – professional sandboarder, capable of high-speed sandboarding, passing all sand.
  • Felipe – strange, unique, like no other. Essentially a desert camel without a hump, with an impressive jumping ability.
  • Sumara – the girl who has the ability to attract the wild animals here. These animals will help Sumara on quests and collect all the coins that appear on the road.

Incarnate into each character and control them in the most professional way to complete all assigned tasks.

Alto’s Odyssey MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money

Alto’s Odyssey mod money is not only a game for entertainment but also a great work. With endless running gameplay built beautifully and attractive. The game possesses perfect music tones, diverse ecological images, you can adventure and explore the beauty of heaven and earth, enjoy the feeling of relaxation. Everything you see and hear as you play and experience Alto’s Odyssey creates a realistic 2D picture.


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