Download Almost a Hero MOD (Menu, Immortal) + APK 5.3.1

Download Almost a Hero MOD (Menu, Immortal) + APK 5.3.1
Name Almost a Hero
Publisher Deca_Games
Latest Version 5.3.1
Genre Role Playing
Size 100M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Menu, Immortal
Get it On Google Play

Surely many players are too familiar or may feel bored with the superhero role-playing game genre. To make a difference and new in this series of games, Deca_Games has released the game Almost a Hero MOD APK (Menu, Immortality).

download Almost a Hero mod

Download Almost a Hero Mod – Where fools can transform into heroes

The game Almost a Hero is an extremely interesting adventure. Where players will be interacting with heroes that are not really perfect. They are naive, somewhat unintelligent characters. The game is a completely different approach that the publisher Deca_Games wants to give to the gaming community.

Almost a Hero is something new that attracts many players?

Hero saves the world

Almost a Hero is built on the situation of a tragic comedy. The village that had always been peaceful was suddenly attacked and invaded by enemies from nowhere. The village elders both wanted to find a way to replace themselves and also to defeat the enemy, so they sent an army of idiots to the battle. It seemed that everything would end quickly because the “stupid army” would be defeated. But miracles happened. After being pushed into a reluctant situation, the idiots who went to war accidentally became special heroes.

hackAlmost a Hero

Joining Almost a Hero, players will not be able to start the war with characters with full skills and advantages. But they have to control themselves, turning ordinary characters into heroes to save the world.

Conquer new mode

Almost a Hero is endless battles. These battles are created by different game modes. This will be an opportunity to help players shine. In the fierce battle with the enemy, you are not alone. You will own an army made up of random characters in that world. All characters can participate in this historic battle. The unknown people will win and become the hero many people praise. Dozens of levels with increasingly difficult challenges are brought to players. A notable point in the game Almost a Hero is that the player will have a numerical advantage. Each level in each different mode will give you completely different experiences.

Improve the characters

An inevitable requirement that players must fulfill when playing Almost a Hero is to make progress for the character. In this game, the higher the level, the more and stronger the number of enemies to face. So upgrading and improving the character is essential to bring new skills to the character.

Almosta Hero mod

Hilt, Belly, Vexx, and Lenny warriors can all be upgraded in terms of both combat power and appearance. Players need to pay attention that, each character uses their own weapons associated with their characteristics. Therefore, make a reasonable choice and consideration to help the character get the highest combat efficiency. Besides, players can also change the character’s appearance through the collection of costumes. They will help the warriors in your army look more special and new. Almost a Hero provides players with 26 special costumes that can be used for characters. You can promote your creativity and choose your favorite costume for your character.

Maintain high stats

Almost a Hero will display all the character’s stats on the screen interface for players to follow. This is the table that provides the most general overview of the character’s health status and combat ability. Which includes: health level, speed, combat skills. Players need to try to maintain these stats as high as possible, especially health stats. If you let the stats drift to the bottom line, the chances of losing the game will be higher. When participating in Almost a Hero, players always have to start from zero. So try your best, can’t let your achievements disappear easily.

modAlmost a Hero

Magic system and pets

The magic system in the game is also a remarkable point worth noting. Magic in ancient times was a kind of power that players could utilize on the battlefield. In particular, when applied in large-scale matches, magic will work to the fullest extent. In addition, Almost a Hero also introduces pets. They are not only cute but can also help players a lot in battles.

MOD Version of Almost a Hero APK

  • Menu
  • Immortal
  • Unlimited money

What are you waiting for, join Almost a Hero MOD APK to create spectacular “makeovers” for the heroes and bring victory to the village.


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