Download Action Taimanin MOD + APK 2.5.34 (MENU)

Download Action Taimanin MOD + APK 2.5.34 (MENU)
Name Action Taimanin
Latest Version 2.5.34
Genre Action
Size 2.5.32
Requires 44 Mb
MOD Menu
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Action Taimanin Mod is an action game that will give players a completely different perspective on the concept of a real hero. In the game, you will have to control hot girls to fight evil forces to protect the world, not male heroes. But first, let’s find out some notable highlights that this game brings before starting the experience.

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Action Taimanin Mod – Hack-n-slash Action RPG with hot female characters

Not long ago, the publisher GREMORY GAMES INC officially introduced to players their first product worldwide called Action Taimanin. Basically, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to other role-playing games on the market. However, the highlight is that this game allows players to transform into heroic female warriors to save the world. This will definitely help players feel the attraction and attraction right from the first experience. In addition, Action Taimanin also combines traditional fighting style with a third-person perspective. It promises to highlight the fierce and attractive battles that the game brings right on the screen. Currently, this game is officially available on both the App Store as well as Google Play.

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Choose your own character

Before starting the experience, players will have to choose for themselves a suitable character to accompany them throughout the game. Your character is a Taimanins – heroic girls with a thorough training. Faced with that situation, you have a duty to protect your homeland and chase away the dark forces that are threatening the lives of the people here. Are you ready to take on the challenge in Action Taimanin?Currently, Action Taimanin has 3 main characters along with the appearance of more than 30 different supporting characters. This promises to bring you really new experiences and not feel boring when enjoying. Your task is simply to control them best to destroy all enemies in each level. In addition, the secondary characters will automatically attack, support the main character and you will not be able to control them.

Controls are not really impressive

Action Taimanin has a relatively common practice today and has not yet created the necessary emphasis. The way to fight in the game is nothing special, players just need to hold their finger on the screen and use the available virtual buttons. You will navigate your character moving with the virtual joystick and attack through the icons on the right side of the screen. The special thing is that the more you play, the more special the game’s battle system will be when the character has new moves. Use the character’s skills sensibly to defeat the opponent as soon as possible.

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Complete assigned tasks

Join Action Taimanin, players will immediately participate in fierce battles with mighty warriors. Here, you will have to guide and lead them to defeat all opponents to complete the assigned task. Each level will take players to certain areas with many enemies from weak to strong. Besides, the attached task system is also very interesting. They will help you collect valuable items as well as help the character increase experience points when fighting. In general, your character will grow stronger over time to adapt to more fierce battles in the future.

Gather and upgrade equipment

Like most other hack-n-slash games, Action Taimanin also includes collecting elements as well as equipment upgrades. This will help your character improve in strength in the next battles. There are quite a few weapons for players to choose from such as guns, swords, knives, darts, spears, etc. All these weapons possess powerful power and parameters. So players can alternate using weapons in different situations if they want to defeat the opponent quickly. Besides, do not forget to upgrade equipment by collecting the necessary items to deal more damage when attacking.

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Very nice graphics

Action Taimanin is considered one of the role-playing games with the most beautiful graphics at the moment. This game is carefully invested in terms of visuals, promising to bring players the most beautiful hack-and-slash action possible on the phone screen. Because of the high display quality, Action Taimanin requires the device to meet the configuration requirements to be able to experience the game stably. This will significantly affect the access and game experience of many players around the world.

Action Taimanin is really an action role-playing game that leaves us with many impressions during the experience. Carefully invested in many important aspects such as gameplay, image quality, sound system, it will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen right from the first experience. Transform into hot girls and go on a mission to save the world right now.

Action Taimanin MOD APK Version

  • Silent enemy.
  • High DMG.
  • MOD DEF.
  • MOD HP.
  • MOD Crit.

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