Download A Stranger Place MOD (Unlocked Free) + APK 1.3

Download A Stranger Place MOD (Unlocked Free) + APK 1.3
Name A Stranger Place
Publisher Honni Games
Latest Version 1.3
Genre Horror
Size 76M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlock Free
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A Stranger Place MOD APK (Unlocked) is the top horror puzzle adventure game that every gamer should play at least once. In the game, the player assumes the role of a character pushed into a dark, gloomy, shadowless building. Let’s learn more about the A Stranger Place game and the game’s highlights in the article below.

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Download A Stranger Place Mod – Horror Puzzle Adventure Game

A Stranger Place is a puzzle adventure game with horror elements released by Honni games. The character is pushed into a dark building, without a single person. So you have to find all ways to escape the building before it’s too late. Follow the instructions in the game, you need to find many objects to help ensure your life. Do not forget that your main goal is to observe and find a way out of this place.

The highlight of the game A Stranger Place creates excitement for players

The development of the story

A Stranger Place starts from a blurry scene like when the mind is confused and disoriented. Perhaps your character was kidnapped and brought here. Then the instruction dialogs suddenly appear, suggesting the next actions for you to find the key to escape the room. In the next door, you will enter an old warehouse and find a self-defense stick. Holding the cane firmly in hand, you continue to walk forward and suddenly bump into a “dwarf” with a strange eye. When you don’t understand what happened, you will be given a “heavenly” blow and then put you in a cage.

AStranger Place mod

When you wake up, you will find yourself lying between iron frames. Your keen eye discovers that this loose cell has several cuts of steel rods. Step by step carefully through those cut holes, you continue your escape journey. This time, players will understand that every time they see a “dwarf” appear, they must run away immediately if they do not want to be sent to prison. Based on the instructions, you will find many objects such as wrenches for self-defense, blades, local explosions for the house, etc. Then you have to quickly find the codes of the mysterious boxes. Going through a few thrilling developments, you will eventually find the code to open the secret room. The final clue is a piece of paper with a series of numbers. This sequence of numbers is the final code for the elevator. After dialing the elevator number, all surrounding images will fade and disappear. This time after opening your eyes, you find yourself in an old, noisy car, far away is the siren of a police car. You are struggling to understand the situation when the evil “dwarf” appears outside the car door.

It is very difficult to destroy the island

A Stranger Place includes 4 game levels: Easy Normal, Hard and Ghost. You can freely choose the level right when you start playing. Each level has its own rules. Your task in the game world is to follow the instructions, connect events together to quickly get out of this place.

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The game also combines role-playing, adventure and puzzle forms. Where the game instructions appear, you follow there. Remember to avoid the name “dwarf” so as not to be unjustly imprisoned and waste time. The main action of the player is to move, touch or five objects in the game. The most interesting thing in the game A Stranger Place is that you can trick the “dwarf”. The character is designed to move quite slowly, almost impossible to run. Force the player to go back and forth many times to find items. Therefore, although manipulating the game is quite easy, it is not easy to get to the end of the game.

Graphics and sound

A Stranger Place uses simple 3D graphics with dark colors, the scene is covered with a gloomy color that is difficult to say. The first-person perspective will make all surrounding actions more terrifying. You wake up and realize you’re in a strange place, with no people.

modA Stranger Place

The shape of the “dwarf” is also quite focused, it both brings a feeling of fear and is funny because of that awkward dancing. The image part of A Stranger Place is considered by many gamers as a simple and easy-to-understand game. For games of the horror genre, whether it is a simple or complex movie, sound is still an extremely important part. Similar to other games, A Stranger Place is the same. The integration of discrete background music, sometimes gentle, sometimes dramatic, each time “meeting” with the “dwarf”. This makes the game tempo change constantly. Sound effects such as footsteps, demon screams, door unlocking sound, etc. are carefully integrated.

MOD Version of A Stranger Place APK

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A Stranger Place MOD APK is a horror game but not too scary. With beautiful 3D images, good sound, and simple content, this game has been known to many young people.


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